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Short Description for Legacy What are the secrets of success – sustained success? How do you achieve world-class standards, day after day, week after week, year after year? How do you handle pressure? How do you train to win at the highest level? What do you leave behind you after you’re gone? What will be your legacy? This title deals with these questions.
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Publisher: Constable
Published: 07 November 2013
Format: Paperback 224 pages


ISBN 10 : 9781472104908
ISBN 13 : 1472104900

Champions do extra. They sweep the sheds. They follow the spearhead. They keep a blue head. They are good ancestors. In Legacy, best-selling author James Kerr goes deep into the he..

Obama S Legacy

ISBN 10 : 9781455596614
ISBN 13 : 1455596612

As President Obama's time in the White House draws to a close, this celebratory book documents his transformative accomplishments. Evidence indicates President Barack Obama has bee..


ISBN 10 : 9780316092449
ISBN 13 : 0316092444

From the bestselling biographer of Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman comes a multi-generational saga of one of America's wealthiest and most controversial families--the Annen..

Legacy Of Ashes

ISBN 10 : 0307455629
ISBN 13 : 9780307455628

With shocking revelations that made headlines in papers across the country, Pulitzer-Prize-winner Tim Weiner gets at the truth behind the CIA and uncovers here why nearly every CIA..

The Legacy

ISBN 10 : 1599907089
ISBN 13 : 9781599907086

When a Pincent Pharmaceutical van is ambushed by the rebel group known as the Underground, its contents come as a huge surprise-not drugs, but corpses in a horrible state. It appea..


ISBN 10 : 0521457130
ISBN 13 : 9780521457132

Written five centuries after the first studies of Leonardo da Vinci and half a century after A.N. Kolmogorov's first attempt to predict the properties of flow, this textbook presen..


ISBN 10 : 9781848851580
ISBN 13 : 1848851588

How do different cultures think about race? In the modern era, racial distinctiveness has been assessed primarily in terms of a person's physical appearance. But it was not always ..

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