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Sight Words (Flash Kids Flash Cards)

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Offer essential practice in key concepts such as multiplication, division, the alphabet, sights words and spelling. This title contains 86 cards in each package.New

Flash Kids Flash Cards

ISBN 10 : 1411401301
ISBN 13 : 9781411401303

Sight Words Flash Cards will help your child become more familiar with over 150 sight words. The set of cards also includes ideas for games and activities to make learning fun...

Sight Words Level A Flash Kids Workbooks

ISBN 10 : 1411404904
ISBN 13 : 9781411404908

Sight Words workbooks introduce children to the most common words in the English language. Learning to recognize these high-frequency words is an important step in learning to read..

Beginning Sight Words

ISBN 10 : 1741815800
ISBN 13 : 9781741815801

Why would Digital Age kids benefit from using flash cards? Because they offer a fun, fast, easy, time-tested way to memorise new information and apply important concepts. School Zo..

The Complete Book Of Sight Words

ISBN 10 : 1411449584
ISBN 13 : 9781411449589

Learning to recognise common words that don't follow regular spelling rules and can't be "sounded out" is an important step to becoming a strong reader. The engaging activities in ..

Brighter Child Early Learning Flash Cards

ISBN 10 : 1609960238
ISBN 13 : 9781609960230

Brighter Child(R) Early Learning Flash Cards provide children with a full-range of early basic skills practice. This sturdy storage box contains six decks organized by tabs for qui..

Key Words

ISBN 10 : 1409302768
ISBN 13 : 9781409302766

50 double-sided flash cards showing the first 100 Key Words. 100 Words make up half of all those we speak, read and write.Learning to read these words will give your child a confid..

Nir Word Play Sight Words

ISBN 10 : 9781584767251
ISBN 13 : 1584767251

"Play hide-and-seek with a little girl and her cat, or look at what animals come out of a magician's hat! Each of the stories in this Now I'm Reading! Pre-Reader book focuses on at..

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