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The Battle

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The revelatory autobiography of a rugby colossus: Paul O’Connell. WINNER OF THE CROSS SPORTS BOOK AWARDS RUGBY BOOK OF THE YEAR

There has never been a rugby player quite like Paul O’Connell. He is synonymous with passion, heart and determination; but he is also the thinking man’s rugby player, a legendary student of the game.

As the heartbeat of Munster, British and Irish Lions captain in 2009, and captain of the first Ireland team to defend a Six Nations championship, O’Connell has emerged…

The Battle Of Hastings

ISBN 10 : 0851156193
ISBN 13 : 9780851156194

A unique collection of materials focused on one of the most significant battles in European history...

The Battle Of Midway

ISBN 10 : 9780195397932
ISBN 13 : 0195397932

A close-up look at the battle of Midway Island analyzes this crucial naval victory, which marked the turning point for the American fleet in the Pacific theater of World War II...

The Battle Of Venezuela

ISBN 10 : 9781609801168
ISBN 13 : 1609801164

In August 2004, the Venezuelan public came out in record numbers to deliver an overwhelming vote of confidence. After many attempts to unseat him, Hugo Chåvez, the former military..

The Battle Of The Sexes In Science Fiction

ISBN 10 : 081956527X
ISBN 13 : 9780819565273

How women and feminism helped to shape science fiction in America...

The Battle Of The Casbah

ISBN 10 : 0982491115
ISBN 13 : 9780982491119

No French army officer had ever spoken out in such detail. Many government officials in 1957, including Francois Mitterand--the future president of France--knew and approved of tor..

The Battle Of Marathon In Scholarship

ISBN 10 : 9781476615349
ISBN 13 : 1476615349

This is a thorough historiographic review of the Battle of Marathon. Full use is made of the major ancient sources and the debate over the value of Herodotus. The book covers the r..

The Battle For Christmas

ISBN 10 : 9780307760227
ISBN 13 : 0307760227

Anyone who laments the excesses of Christmas might consider the Puritans of colonial Massachusetts: they simply outlawed the holiday. The Puritans had their reasons, since Christma..

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